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MBRT's Story

We're still loving every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

Mind-Body RecTherapy began out of a simple desire to give back to the local community-a way to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. My children and I volunteered for many years on MLK Day from a school or community setting to Girard College to the Liacouras Center and back to Girard College. At the end of 2014, I decided we had enjoyed participating enough to offer something ourselves to visitors and volunteers at Girard College. I made a connection with Global Citizen 365 and they were incredibly supportive to this new endeavor. We've been offering recreational activities there ever since.

In Service

If you haven't been to a King Day of Service at Girard College and hosted by GC365, you simply must check it out. It is an entire day of busy, hectic, fun connecting people, communities, and causes from all over the nation and world. For me, it really feels like I am living out Dr. King's dream or at least part of it. People are taking time to care about and support people and we love being a small part of that.

Growth and Transformation

The whole idea of service to others is to be of support. When people feel supported in their lives and work, they become better and often transformed people. Professional counseling is a great way to begin personal transformation. We may stop growing physically, but we never have to stop growing emotionally, spiritually, or academically. We can be life long pursuers of health in all of its domains and what it means to be well.